The webinar Engaging Student Voice to Cultivate Wellness Culture presents a strategy for engaging student voice and learning in the promotion of a culture of wellness in institutions. A demonstration of an interactive workshop for co-creating a culture of well-being is presented, along with practical tips for facilitating student involvement and enhancing their role in the establishment’s culture of well-being.

The panel of participants for this webinar includes:

  • Aubrianna Snow, Past Communication Assistant
  • Cheyanne Soetaert, Past Community Engagement Assistant
  • Cynthia Ma, Past Event Assistant
  • Helen Pethrick, Research and Knowledge Exchange Facilitator
  • Lisa Nguyen, Community Engagement Assistant
  • Melodie Esau, Coordinator
  • Theresa Chris-Amadin, Event Assistant

⏱️ 54 minutes

Release date: April 18, 2023

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