Organization, planning, and policies refer to the way in which the institution positions itself and strategically plans the implementation of measures conducive to student mental health or puts forward these considerations within the institution’s policies. These organizational anchors are necessary if actions to support student mental health are to be prioritized.

Which actions can lead to organizational measures conducive to student mental health?

  • Recognize mental health as an essential element in the integration and development of learning.
  • Integrate student mental health into strategic plans.
  • Represent the student perspective in institutional structure, planning and policies related to mental health.
  • Communicate the importance of mental health to the entire community (students and staff).
  • Allocate human, material, and financial resources that reflect the will and commitment to mental health.
  • Define roles and responsibilities to support student mental health.

Section 2.1 of the Department of Higher Education’s Action Plan for Student Mental Health in Higher Education calls on institutions to adopt an institutional policy that reflects the major guidelines promoting well-being and the development of positive mental health on campus. The Department of Higher Education has developed a model institutional policy on student mental health that institutions can rely on.


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