This report presents the results of a survey of mental health strategies and frameworks in Canadian higher education institutions between 2009 and 2019. The strategic documents of 29 institutions were analysed to identify  approaches and practices relating to the development, implementation and evaluation of mental health strategies.

The following questions guided the analysis and presentation of the results.

  1. When was the strategy developed?
  2. How long did it take to develop the strategy?
  3. What was the organizational structure and level of stakeholder involvement in strategy development and implementation?
  4. What underlying frameworks, theories or policies were used in developing the strategy?
  5. What were the similarities and differences between the strategies?
  6. What justification was given for a student-centred approach rather than a campus-wide approach, including administrative and teaching staff?
  7. What were the stages in the strategy development process?
  8. What was the framework and plan for evaluating the strategy?


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Best Practices in Canadian Higher Education. (2019). An Environmental Scan of Canadian Campus Mental Health Strategies. Toronto, ON: Author. 49 pages.

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