This synthesis article presents the results of research conducted at the University of Jyväskyl, Finland, where the effects of student participation in a series of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) workshops were evaluated. This type of therapy aims to promote psychological flexibility by accepting what is beyond one’s control and committing oneself to actions that are in line with one’s personal values.

In this study, 47 students from 28 countries completed the program :

  • A preliminary one-on-one meeting lasting 60 to 90  minutes.
  • Five 90-minute  group workshops, each addressing a specific aspect of acceptance and commitment therapy (personal values, commitment, mindfulness, cognitive defusion, acceptance and compassion).
  • A 60-minute individual wrap-up meeting.

« Les résultats montrent que le fait de clarifier ses valeurs et d’accroître sa flexibilité cognitive, émotionnelle et comportementale contribue à améliorer le bien-être et réduire les symptômes de stress, d’anxiété et de dépression. »

Référence de l’étude

Flèche vers le bas

Brandolin, F., Lappalainen, P., Gorinelli, S., Muotka, J., Räsänen, P. et Lappalainen, R. (2023). The effectiveness of a five-session workshop on the distress of international students in Finland – a pilot study. British Journal of Guidance & Counselling.

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